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19.5V 2.31A 45W Replacement Laptop Charger for HP Pavilion 15 Series 15-ay013dx 15-bs0xx 15-bs234wm 15-f039wm 15-f211wm 15-f233wm 15-r132wm HP Stream 11 13 14 Power Supply Cord


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Product Details

Brand: Onadrive
Compatible Devices: PC, Laptops

Benefits for you:

Input: 100~240V / 50~60Hz,Output: 19.5V ~ 2.31A ~ 45W. Connector Size:4.5mm * 3.0mm (Round Blue Tip!Please check carefully your computer’s parameters!)
Compatible Computer Models: HP 15-a 15-bs 15-bw 15-ba 15-d 15-f 15-g 15-r 17-f 17-g 17-p Series 15-ay065nr 15-ay041wm 15-ay191ms 15-bs077nr 15-bs053od 15-bs091ms15-bs080wm 15-af075nr 15-af131dx 15-af151nr, HP Streaam 11 13 14 Series, HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 F2R68UT, HP Split 13 x2 13-g100 13-g110dx 13-m000 13-m100 13-m110ca 13-m110dx 13t-g100 13t-m000 13t-m1000, HP Spectre Ultrabook x2 PC 13-3000 13t-3000 13t-h200 13-3010dx 13-3018ca 13-h210dx 13-h211n.
Compatible Part Numbers: 719309-001 719309-003 721092-001 740015-001 740015-002 740015-003 741727-001 741427-001 A045R07DH HSTNN-DA35 HSTNN-LA35 HSTNN-CA40 HSTNN-DA40 HSTNN-LA40 ADP-45WD B ADP-45FE B PA-1450-36HE PA-1650-32HE HP Envy x360 x2 13 15 M6: 13-j002dx 13-4105dx 13-4110dx 13-4193dx 13-4195dx 15-c001dx 15-u010dx 15-u011dx 15-u110dx 15-u111dx m6-ae151dx m6-p013dx m6-p014dx m6-p113dx m6-p114dx m6-w010dx m6-w103dx m6-w105dx m6-w101dx.
CE/FCC/RoHS Certified. Provide PTC/Cyclic/Over-Charging/Over-Voltage/Over-Temperature/Over- Current/Short-Circuit/Over-Discharge Protection.


HP Pavilion 15-a 15-bs 15-bw 15-ba 15-d 15-f 15-g 15-r Series:
15-af:15-af075nr 15-af131dx 15-af151nr 15-af152nr 15-af172nr 15-af141dx 15-ac151dx 15-ac158dx 15-af113cl

15-ay:15-ay009dx 15-ay087cl 15-ay087cl 15-ay137cl 15-ay013nr 15-ay013ca 15-ay191ms 15-ay039wm 15-ay173dx

15-ay019tu 15-ay014dx 15-ay015nq 15-ay196nr 15-ay070wm 15-ay196nr 15-ay091ms 15-ay104dx 15-ay070wm 15-ay068nr

15-ay145nr 15-ay052nr 15-ay103dx 15-ay160tx 15-ay161tx 15-ay160tx 15-ay161tx 15-ay162tx 15-ay163nr 15-ay163tx

15-ay164tx 15-ay165tx 15-ay166tx 15-ay167na 15-ay167sa 15-ay167tx 15-ay168na 15-ay168sa 15-ay168tx 15-ay169nr 15-ay169tx

15-bs:15-bs168cl 15-bs010ds 15-bs013dx 15-bs060wm 15-bs192od 15-bs033cl 15-bs095ms 15-bs015dx 15-bs020wm

15-bs016dx 15-bs038dx 15-bs078cl 15-bs060wm 15-bs013nr 15-bs077nr 15-bs053od 15-bs091ms 15-bs080wm

15-bs053od 15-bs131nr 15-bs023cy 15-bs016dx 15-bs038cl 15-bs058ca 15-bs065nr 15-bs091ms 15-bs132nr 15-bs008cy 15-bs011cy 15-bs132nr

15-BW:15-BW001CY 15-BW001DS 15-BW002CY 15-BW002DS,15-BW002WM 15-BW003CY 15-BW003DS 15-BW003WM 15-BW004CY

15-BW004DS 15-BW004WM 15-BW005CY 15-BW006CA 15-BW006DS 15-BW006WM 15-BW007CA 15-BW007CY 15-BW007DS

15-BW008CA 15-BW008CL 15-BW008CY 15-BW009CA 15-BW009CY 15-BW010CA 15-BW010CY 15-BW010NR 15-BW011CY

15-BW011DX 15-BW011WM 15-BW012CY 15-BW012NR 15-BW013CY 15-BW014CY 15-BW016CA

Hp Stream 14-v063us 15-r132wm 11-d020nr 11-d010nr 13-c010nr Stream 11 13 14 Series

Hp Elitebook Folio 1040 G1 Hp Split 13 X2 13-g110dx 13-m010dx, 13-m110dx

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